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Thousends of industrial metal staples are stapled on wood. Most artworks are made with gilded staples (24 carat gold), plated by artist with engineering machine. Simona Petrauskaite worked with metal staples since 2006, she exhibited at many national and international

exhibitions and art fairs (jury and audience awards). Since 2016 she does not exhibit metal-staple-artworks any more.

Many artworks gone to privat and public collections. Theese only few artworks are still for sale.

"Simona‘s creations are the most important documents of her identity and the evidences of the nature searching.
The confessions of her creations, manifestations of non-conformist state and the natural development of multifaceted search, balancing between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, interests and needs, which constantly bond each other, but result in the different opening roads.
Real creational instincts are satisfied while following them, they are embodied with undistorted nature, sensible view, metaphors, precise psychological painting, precise architectonic of the creations, incarnation of mind and imagination.

She does not hide the individual experience in her creation, but willingly complements her works with philosophic, phonetic content. Often distances from what is happening (here and now), imagination projects to past and future, to micro and macro space and metaphysical existence limits.

Leans to cosmic mythology by the light, to tendencies, which would offer abstractedly the symbolic sound to the creative language.

She chooses openly symbols, which open the opposing earth and heaven spheres.
Composite supports often disappear, repetitions of the lines and reflections give a complex continuity, become autonomous, rhythmical structures, constantly change the accents and the movement directions of the forms.
Stitches of the lines, overlapping patterns provide uncontrollable sensation of play and spontaneous infinity."

Text: artist and curator Gražina Šeryte


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