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LICHT - the magazine for lighting experts.


"Infinite light art. A light mantra made of LEDs and color" 

by Sabrina Quente (LICHT 8/2020)


Magazine "LICHT" 8 / 2020,  Pflaum Verlag



"Blauer Tupfennebel" ("Blue Polka Dot Nebula")  

by Nicole Graner, photos by Stephan Rumpf /  September 18, 2020.

About the solo exhibition “I am Light” in the Üblacker Häusl, Munich, Germany.




Column "What inspires us", by Rebekka Husemann / February 2020.


"They look kaleidoscopic and mysterious - but the artist Simona Petrauskaite doesn't want to reveal how the infinite light reflections in her Infinity Art are created. In 2015, Petrauskaite was fascinated by the topic of light illusions and since then she has been fine-tuning her technique - always with a focus on perfect geometry. LEDs , mirrors, glass, plexiglass and wooden frames are definitely part of the fascinating illusion. But there is another secret ingredient that distinguishes your Infinity Mirror from the usual self-made variations. They are more detailed and multi-faceted, you can only guess that somewhere in the depths little LED heads light up.

The artist's Infinity Mirrors are surprisingly large: most of them have a diameter of between 50cm and 100cm. The infinity mirrors look best in slightly darkened rooms. On Petrauskaite's website, some of the works of art are still looking for a new owner. Even if we don't know how the light objects are constructed, they can still inspire us. "


Magazine for women in technical professions


"In search of the perfect light: Simona Petrauskaite!" - 

an interview from engineer Kirsti Grobel, October 2019.

 "The Engineer", Issue with focus on: Engineer meets art.

No.130, October 2019, published by dib (German Association of Engineers, e.V.). 


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